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Teaching faculty positions

We are hiring for multiple teaching faculty positions in the department! Some additional information is below:

Job Responsibilities

Job responsibilities can include working with a team to teach and manage our large introductory and upper-level courses, advising undergraduate research, contributing to curriculum development, leading outreach programs for under-represented groups, developing EdTech tools, and creating online content.

The position features many compelling elements:

  • Advancing in career-oriented, teaching-stream faculty ranks: Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, University Lecturer.
  • Maintaining a teaching load of only one prep per semester, leaving ample time and opportunity to innovate.
  • Engaging with outstanding undergraduate students, undergraduate graders, and graduate TAs.
  • Advising undergraduate independent work projects and potentially master’s theses, which can amplify your research agenda.
  • Participating in department/university governance.
  • Earning competitive compensation and benefits, including funding for professional development and opportunities to receive summer support.


To apply, please follow the instructions at

Note that applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis