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Joining the group

Thank you for you interest in joining the group!

Unfortunately, due to large volumes of email, I am not able to respond to individual inquiries about joining Princeton or our group. Some general details can be found below.

High school and undergraduate students

  • If you are a Princeton undergrad, and are interested in the possibility of doing Junior/Senior independent work, please email me to make an appointment and discuss your interests. You can browse this page and look at the papers to get an idea of the topics we’re working on. Please also look at potential IW topics here.

  • I do not have internships for undergrads from outside Princeton. That said, truly exceptional undergrads (e.g. IMO/IOI medalists, top performance in Putnam, ACM programming world finalists, etc.) are welcome to contact me for potential opportunities.

  • Unfortunately, I do not have research opportunities for high school students.

  • If you have been admitted to the undergraduate program at Princeton, and are in the process of choosing between colleges and would like to meet, please send me an email. If you are considering or in the process of applying, I would prefer to wait until the admissions process runs its course before meeting. Note that I have no influence on the admissions decisions.

Prospective graduate students

  • We are recruiting outstanding graduate students!

  • If you are a current Princeton graduate student and would like to talk about the possibility of working with me, write me an email.

  • If you are not currently a graduate student at Princeton, you have to apply for admission first. More information can be found here. Please follow the procedure for applying. Please note that the selection of PhD students to be admitted is a competitive process based on the merits of individual applications.

  • You may also be interested in our funded Master’s program.

  • Emailing me does not improve your chances of being admitted. If anything, “mass” emails might slightly hurt your chances. If you are interested in working with me, please apply to the Theoretical Computer Science track and mention that you would like to work with me in your statement, and I will look at your file during the admissions process.

  • I cannot (nor am willing to try to) estimate your chances of being admitted to a graduate program in Princeton CS. The admissions process is complicated, and looks at a variety of factors in the application, including grades, personal statement, and recommendation letters.

  • If you feel that due to unusual circumstances your application is at a high risk for being overlooked, please have your academic adviser or senior program administrator send me a personal email.


  • We usually have a number of postdoc opportunities through the Theory Group, please see here.

  • If you feel that due to unusual circumstances your application is at a high risk for being overlooked, please have your PhD adviser send me a personal email.